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Guess the Movie Stills

Movie Quiz Thing
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The Game:

1) Post stills from 5 movies. They don't have to be your favourites, but it would be a good idea if it was a movie you're at least somewhat familiar with, so you have an idea of what images would work out well for this quiz. People respond to the post with guesses as to what the movies are.

The stills can be obtained a variety of ways. You can downloaded them from various sites (think Google Image Search), but if you do this, you should actually download them to your hard drive, and then upload them to either a website you own, or an image hosting service like ImageShack or TinyPic.com. "Hotlinking" directly to the various sites you find them on creates extra burden on their servers (which is rude), and sometimes results in broken images, because the internet is constantly changing and mutating (and also because some servers have settings to prevent hotlinking).

2) When one of the movies is guessed correctly, edit the original post by adding the movie title to that still. No need to give credit to whoever guessed it, people can read the thread for that. optional: If you want, when you edit the post for correctly guessed movies, you can also make the image a link to the IMDb page for that movie.

The Rules:

1) No more than one new set of stills per day per user. If the comm starts to get busy, it may be changed to one new post per week per user.

2) Use a cut tag. People will have this community on their Friends page, and most don't want to wait for a whole bunch of images to load. Even users with a high-speed connection will find this annoying after awhile. If you don't know how to use a cut tag, read this page. It's a good page to read in general, the tags there help make LiveJournal a bit more organized and functional.

3) Try to keep the stills mostly PG-rated. No porn. If there's any nudity, please make use the term "NWS" in the cut text. No gore (minimal blood is acceptable).

4) If the images are large, resize them. If we need to, we'll come up with specific rules of what the maximum size should be, but for now just use your best judgement.

5) Idle chatter and unrelated comments are probably a good thing. One of the results of this activity is that now and then someone will see a still from a movie they used to love and haven't seen in years, and will post some sort of "OMG squeeeeeeee I LOVED that movie when I was a kid!!!!" response. If this becomes a problem, we'll deal with it, but for now, let people have their nostalgia. You never know, you might find a bunch of cool new LJ friends because you share common favourites.

6) You don't have to post stills of your own to be a member. If you feel like joining just so you can guess stills posted by others, and take part in the resulting threads, that's fine. Be warned, you may get the bug and feel the urge to start posting your own before you know it.

IMDb - Internet Movie Database. If you don't already know what this is, you really need to check it out.
InterVideo - Home of WinDVD, the program I use to make my screen caps.

These were created by theatresphynx in request4banners for us. Use them in promo communities (remember, the animated one is cool, but some communities oppose "blinky" graphics, so check the guidelins of a comm before using it there).


Also, if you're feeling artistic and want to come up with a new banner, make a post with it. If it gets approved it will be included here.

1) Compose "how-to" posts, with tips on screen caps, resizing, and using image hosting services.
2) Editing of instructions and rules when it becomes clear what, if anything, is unclear.
3) Get someone to make a banner for the purpose of promoting the comm in other places.